A Fighting Voice for New Mexicans!


The home of the highest and oldest capital in the nation; scientifically advanced National Labs and Education facilities; the largest hot air balloon festival in the world;  Smokey Bear (the song of 1952 added “the”  ie. Smokey the Bear), Prehistoric history, Western history (like Dangerous Dan, Pat Garrett, Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, John Chisum, Kit Carson,  and Lucian Maxwell); and where Christmas is always on the menu!

New Mexico has the most beautiful terrain from Wheeler Peak to Carlsbad Caverns, from ranching and farming to forests and plateaus. We have an incredible amount of resources. Our sunsets are gorgeous.  New Mexico is a beautiful and blessed state.  It is my birthplace and my home.

We must take on the challenge of renewing the greatness of New Mexico. Our neighboring states rank far better than we do in education, economy, and public safety, and it is time for us to rise. My aim is for New Mexico to no longer be at the bottom of so many national rankings.

New Mexico should – and can – do better. It is time for a resurrection. New Mexico has a Golden Opportunity to soar above, to soar beyond, and to be better than it has ever been in the past. Together we can!

P. S.  My name “Anastacia” means resurrection and my nickname “Anise” is a spice in our state cookie, Bizcochitos/Biscochitos .  Together, let’s make New Mexico ‘Rise’, then we can celebrate with biscochitos!