Meet Anastacia “Anise” Golden Morper

Anastacia “Anise” Golden Morper is a third generation (born in Albuquerque) New Mexican business owner. She has been in the real estate and mortgage industry for over 30 years and has received numerous awards for her outstanding accomplishments in her profession. She began in the 1970’s working in her dad’s office and soon after opened a construction company in the late 1980s. Since then, she has built several successful businesses which she still manages today.

Anastacia has volunteered for various organizations like PB&J Family Services (a facility for at-risk children); Presbyterian Hospital; and Bernalillo County Fire Department (where she was an Emergency Medical Technician and IV tech). She additionally volunteered for mission work in Mexico building homes and helping in an orphanage. She is currently a member of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization which provides scholarships and support to the advancement of women), BPEO (her local Elks Lodge which supports and provides educational and patriotic community-minded programs) and FRW.  She is an Ombudsman for the real estate industry and an alumni of the Leadership Institute. Anastacia truly has a “Corazon de Oro!”

A strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, Anastacia learned the proper methods to handle firearms from her father starting at six-years-old. She passed along knowledge of and respect for firearms to her children who are all now adults. Anastacia feels responsible law abiding individuals owning firearms without unreasonable restrictions is a valuable part of the Bill of Rights. 

Anastacia believes strongly in the First Amendment, and in early 2020 as an individual, Anastacia filed suit against the New Mexico Secretary of State for violating the people’s Right to Petition the Government. This First Amendment is a major part of our Election Integrity. Anastacia won her suit with the New Mexico Supreme Court in a 4-1 victory resulting in case law protecting First Amendment rights (case number S-1-SC-38173). Several subsequent cases used Anastacia Golden Morper’s new case law and had positive results.

Anastacia believes in “Principle over Party” and is proud to fight for the people of New Mexico.