Economic Growth
SMALL Businesses
New Mexicans are being held hostage by the current administration’s poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. By restricting businesses and keeping New Mexico shut down, many New Mexicans have lost their jobs and therefore their livelihood. Our entire state shut down for increased COVID-19 numbers in only three counties. More people are now being forced to depend on government subsidies on top of an already struggling economy. Additionally, businesses are competing against the government’s unemployment payments to workers who would otherwise be employed.  These government benefits outweigh what our employers can pay thereby incentivizing people to stay on unemployment. This is failing our businesses. New Mexico has fallen behind economically for years, but now is the time to develop New Mexico’s businesses and eliminate mandated shutdowns and over-regulation. The current administration’s interference with an individual’s right to earn a living violated our state constitution rights and must never be allowed to occur again. New Mexicans need to be allowed to get back to work. Businesses need to reopen at 100%. Our economy deserves a renewal, and I’m ready to lead us towards a Golden revival.


Natural Resources & Energy Technologies
Our energy sector has provided thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to our New Mexico economy. Our current governor and lieutenant governor refused to stand up for New Mexico, and we are at risk of losing it all. The oil and gas industry provides funding for our children’s education as well as other government services. It is imperative that this industry be successful. We need to utilize the natural resources (resources that come from the earth) available in our state  which include not only oil and gas, but timber and other materials. These industries provide jobs and revenue. Excessive and unnecessary regulation by an overreaching government puts undue burden on small or family businesses which causes them to lay off employees or to close their doors for good. 


Energy technologies that produce, transport and deliver energy in a safe, economically and environmentally friendly manner should be used New Mexico as well if they are fiscally responsible.  Innovation and discovery abounds in New Mexico’s National Labs.  They have created solutions for industries around the world. We should promote our innovative National Labs, look to our scientists and upcoming brilliant students for energy solutions. We have the answers to the future right here in New Mexico.


Tax Reduction
Many New Mexicans are struggling to put food on the table, to buy clothes for their families, and to put gas in their cars. With high taxes and regulations, many people have nothing left for anything else. I support reducing taxes and regulations in order to help New Mexican families.


Social Security income and retirement investments should not be taxed. People should be encouraged to save or invest as much as they want for retirement and not worry about being taxed once they pull their benefits. I believe in eliminating the Social Security and investment taxes and raising the limits for investments.  This means our 65 and older population would have more money for food, medication, investing, or saving.


TAKE CARE OR THOSE WHO TOOK CARE OF US.  Imagine putting your life in a shoe box, going to places far away at the whim of real life situations. Years later go home and everything has changed, the life from the shoe box no longer exists.  Armed Services Veterans literally put theirs lives aside to defend and protect the interests of the United States. They should receive tax reductions for their service.  Law enforcement officers and first responders that serve and retire in New Mexico should receive a tax reduction on their primary property for life.


By reducing personal taxes, people have more money to spend, save, or donate which injects money into the economy. By reducing business taxes, employers are able to hire more workers and increase production which increases supply. Increased supply means lower prices. Reduction in regulations, across industries and statewide, also reduces taxes.


What does this mean for New Mexicans?  A touch of Gold dust…more disposable income in your pocket to spend, invest or save. 
I understand what our military men and women offer our country.  They put their life aside and serve our great nation, never knowing when they will be called to defend our country.  They volunteer to walk into the unknown to keep us safe, to keep us free. They must be revered and supported. Supporting our military is to ensure they have the necessary equipment, weapons, and gear to get the job done.  They must have the latest technology available and top-notch scientists within their ranks.  They also must have high-paying jobs ready for them when they return to civilian life. As Lieutenant Governor, I will encourage programs that support our military.
Law Enforcement/First Responders
Our law enforcement and first responders step into harm’s way everyday to keep our neighborhoods safe and to preserve life. They are never “off” duty. My father was a Sheriff in New Mexico and my brothers have been involved in both law enforcement and the fire department in New Mexico. The families never know when they will get “that call.” We must defend the police, not defund. We must reduce the unnecessary restrictions placed on our officers and first responders so that they do not fear retaliation when they must make a split-second decision in life or death situations. While we must keep them accountable for wrongful actions, we must also equip them with the means necessary to keep us safe as we live our daily lives. Our law enforcement officers need more personnel on the street, updated technology, training and equipment. Increased officers on the street reduces crime.  I support funding our law enforcement and first responder departments in order for them to serve safely and efficiently.
Border Security & Border Patrol
I will fight for our border security – which is our national security – to keep our southern border safe from illegal immigration. By allowing the border to be unrestricted, we allow drug cartels, terrorists, coyotes, and gangs to thrive at the expense of innocent individuals. Families pay coyotes for passage across the border, yet at many stops along the way, the coyotes demand more money. Mothers and children are violated in unimaginable ways by these same coyotes. By leaving our border unrestricted, we are encouraging illegal and dangerous behavior and risking the lives of the immigrants. 
Our ranchers and our small towns should not be considered ‘just’ collateral damage. The safety and security of those who live along the border are just as important as all New Mexicans, and safety should always be a top priority for our government. I will support all efforts to ensure our border security.
Since January, our border patrol has been overwhelmed.  They are not just patrolling the border, they are now serving meals, processing, rescuing, protecting, mitigating infectious diseases, dealing with criminals, and even babysitting the abandoned children. Under normal circumstances, the influx of people crossing our border illegally was a strain on our border patrol. Now, the number of people crossing our border has  increased so dramatically that our border agents are no longer able to effectively carry out their duties. This year, in March alone, there were over 170,000 migrants taken into custody. This is over 5,600 people per day. Securing our border eliminates this undue burden on our healthcare system, government benefits, and our border patrol agents.
Immigration Reform
Our broken immigration system needs to be fixed.  We must have a pathway for legal immigrants to come to our country, just as my grandfather did from Greece so many years ago. Immigrants who want to make a positive contribution and become citizens are encouraged to go through the legal process, assimilate, and contribute to society.  Currently, our immigration process is upside-down. The legal process to become a citizen is cumbersome and lengthy, yet those who cross illegally receive free room and board, healthcare, and government benefits. We need to simplify the legal process while arresting and prosecuting those who enter illegally. 
Public Protection 
Feeling safe – safe enough to let children play outside, to ride their bikes, or play ball, to go to the mall – this is what all New Mexicans long for. New Mexicans want to feel safe enough to warm up their car in their own driveway, to walk the block in their own neighborhood, or to open their own business for work in the morning. According to 2021 statistics, New Mexico has a higher crime rate than Texas or Arizona. In fact, New Mexico’s crime rate is twice that of the national average. Why the vast difference? One word…leadership, and that is one thing our current administration is lacking. Our law enforcement officers should feel the support of the community and have adequate funding to do their jobs to keep New Mexicans safe.
Founding Fathers Intent
Constitution & Bill of Rights Preservation
The Preamble of the United States Constitution outlines the role of government:  “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Anything beyond is an overstep in authority and an abuse of power. Our current state administration’s actions against New Mexicans must be put to an end.  The Federal and State Government overreach violates the natural rights of the people and our Constitution. 
Government overreach like the mask mandate and the closing of both places of worship and small businesses is a violation of our Constitutional rights. These forced mandates are unfair, unjust and unconstitutional. Fines and citations incurred for these or any other unconstitutional mandate should be waived and dismissed.
In early 2020, I filed suit against the New Mexico Secretary of State for violating the people’s First Amendment Rights, the Right to Petition the Government. We won our suit with the New Mexico Supreme Court in a 4-1 victory resulting in case law protecting First Amendment Rights (case number S-1-SC-38173). This decision resulted in additional victories in other First Amendment Rights violation cases. 
The First Amendment also protects the right to gather and worship without restraint or restriction. By shutting down our churches, synagogues and other places of worship, the government violated the First Amendment. As a Christian, I support each New Mexican’s right to worship without governmental interference.


The Second Amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This protects We the People’s right to own and purchase firearms and to protect us from the overreach of the government. I will always fight to defend the Second Amendment. I was raised around firearms, hunted with my dad, and took my children hunting. Responsible use, guidance, and positive examples need to be taught about our Second Amendment Rights. I will always defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness

Life – we each strive for a better tomorrow than today. We want a better future for our children (born and unborn) than what we have today. We long for a resurrection of a better New Mexico than where we live today. These desires are possible. I believe that life should be protected – at every stage. From the newly conceived embryo to the man or woman living out their elderly years enjoying their beautiful family, each New Mexican deserves an opportunity to live their best life, in the lawful manner they see fit. 
Liberty – the freedom provided in our Declaration of Independence. We should not fear reading the Bible in our homes, gathering to worship in our churches, or sharing the Gospel in our streets. We should have the freedom to speak our minds, to read books, to travel where we want, and to listen to news and discern for ourselves what to believe. These liberties are now being stolen from us while we sleep. Ronald Reagan once believed, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction…It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for [our children] to do the same…” I will work to protect your liberties guaranteed us by our Forefathers.
Pursuit of Happiness – children, a home, work, success, travel – different things bring happiness to different people. I believe we all have the right to pursue what makes us happy; however, I do not believe it comes at the expense of others. I also believe that happiness is not guaranteed, but the pursuit of it is. The United States of America is the only country where you have the opportunity to strive for anything your heart desires. This is the true pursuit of happiness.
Government Accountability and Integrity
Our state’s current administration has been overstepping their legal rights and imposing unjust and corrupt policies on our state which violates the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution. We the People need to hold them accountable for their actions. The Secretary of State disregards the Constitution and ignores the Bill of Rights. Judges pick and choose what to uphold and what to overlook. Violent criminals do not face justice while the victim is treated as the culprit. Criminals are released without reason. This must change.  We must stand against tyranny today or suffer tomorrow.  It is time our political leaders abide by the same laws that we do and not trample our freedoms guaranteed by our Forefathers. It is time our judges uphold the Constitution and follow the rule of law. I will work to hold them all accountable and to eliminate governmental overreach. 
Additional Topics
Veteran Support
When enlisting in the military, men and women set aside their current life and safety to defend and represent the United States of America. Many who serve our country have given the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their life in the name of freedom. Many have been captured and held as prisoners of war. My own step-father was a WWII POW in the Bataan Death March. The stories are real. The pain and memories last a lifetime.


Our veterans deserve to have the best care. They should receive support, healthcare, and benefits before any individual who is in our country illegally. Our veterans of New Mexico should not feel like they must leave home for better care. No veteran should ever be forgotten.
Healthcare Improvement
Many clinics have closed their doors leaving extended wait times at the ones still open.  Doctors, along with other healthcare professionals, have left New Mexico for better opportunities or better working conditions in other states. This has led to an employment and revenue loss for our state, and it puts New Mexicans at risk, especially those in our rural communities. Forcing medical professionals to perform procedures that are against their beliefs has exacerbated the situation. Healthcare must be between a doctor and their patient, and the government should not be in the middle. 
Mental Health Support
New Mexico ranks as one of the highest states in suicides. We must address our state’s mental health issues. There are individuals who have experienced devastating trauma in their lives, and we need to bring professionals and facilities, with advanced medicine and methods, to help support and bring healing.  We need to provide tools to strengthen their well-being, self-confidence and coping mechanisms. I support reviving our mental healthcare services in New Mexico.
Child EDUCATION SAVINGS/Voucher Program
While a parent may have the choice of where they want to send their child to school, their tax dollars do not follow the child. If the money did follow the child, a parent could choose to use the money to help send their child to a private school, or even homeschool. If schools had to compete for funding via a voucher from the child’s parents, then the quality of education for our children would improve. This is how it works for businesses – competition keeps businesses innovative, forward-thinking, and challenged. Our schools have become too complacent and settle for the status quo. 
As for the quality of education in New Mexico, our state is at the bottom of the national ranking. Primary and secondary education should prepare the child to have a career if they choose a path other than college.  New Mexico has some of the best technology universities and local vocational institutes in the nation. We must challenge our children, prepare them to face the future with real-world skills like balancing a checkbook, buying a home, writing an email, budgeting their finances. When our educational system builds upon our children’s natural strengths and abilities, the child finds success and fulfillment. Keeping our children accountable leads to responsibility; when a child is responsible, it builds their self-confidence; and when a child has self-confidence, they become successful. This is the Golden opportunity for the best start in the lives of our children.
We as New Mexicans have a rich history in the cattle industry, both beef and dairy. My own great-grandfather brought his herd of cattle to New Mexico in the mid-1800s. I am proud of our state’s ranching and farming industry. New Mexico’s agriculture is dominated by family-operated farms (many who depend on the acequia system for growing crops) and ranches, and I support our local 4H and FFA organizations which are vital to preparing children for the future, primarily in the agriculture industry. 
Our farming and ranching industries already struggle with events of mother nature, and then they must bear the weight of government-imposed regulations, executive orders and judicial mandates. Processing plants, direct sales to the public, and other areas of agriculture have been crushed by these regulations. If we release these overburdening restrictions, then everything we have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner could be from our state’s homegrown industry. A successful farmer or rancher is the best steward of our land, for they know that they depend on the health of the soil to produce year after year. The farm and ranch industry is a vital part of New Mexico.